Honeywell 26PCBFA6D Pressure Sensors - Yosnalab

Honeywell 26PCBFA6D Pressure Sensors

The sensor features a proven sensing technology that utilizes a specialized piezoresistive micro-machined sensing element which allows part interchangeability, high performance, reliability, and accuracy. The low power, non-amplified, non-compensated Wheatstone bridge circuit design provides inherently stable mV outputs over 1.0 psi to 250 psi sensing ranges. The factory calibrated 26PC Series miniature pressure sensors provide reliable differential pressure sensing performance in a compact package.


  • Operating voltage : 10 V DC to 16 V DC.
  • Response time : 1ms.
  • Low power consumption :  0.5uA at 1Hz.
  • I2C interface.
  • Max I2C Speed : 3.5Mhz.
  • Very low noise : up to 0.02hPa (17cm).
  • Full calibrated.
  • Operating temperature : -40°C to +85°C.
  • Pressure reading range : -5 psi, -347.5 mbar to 5 psi, 347.5 mbar.