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Ultrasonic ranging sensor HC-SR04

This popular ultrasonic distance sensor provides stable and accurate distance measurements from 2 centimeter to 450 centimeter. It has an focus of less than 15 degrees and an accuracy of about 2 millimeter. This sensor uses ultrasonic sound to measure distance. This sensor is perfect for any number of applications that require you to perform measurements between moving or stationary objects. This particular sensor sends out an ultrasonic sound that has a frequency of about 40 kHz. The sensor has two main parts: a transducer that creates an ultrasonic sound and another listens to it's echo.


  • Working voltage : DC 5V
  • Working current : 15mA
  • Working frequency : 40Hz
  • Max range : 4m
  • Min range : 2cm
  • Measuring angle : 15 degree
  • Trigger input signal : 10µS TTL pulse
  • Echo output signal input TTL lever signal and the range in proportion
  • Product dimension : 45mm x 20mm x15mm
  • Sound travel : 340 m/s approx.