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features of websites in current trend

Nowadays, Websites plays a main role in all fields. Consumers search for products and services in online before making purchases. First Impression of your website will make your business to reach more people. For example, In a Supermarket shop, the website of the shop has attractive offers, details of the products,  prices of the products, and make 24 hours online shopping for the customers.

This will all make your website to visited by more people. One of the way to advertising your shop in a knowledgeable way. Heavy competition for every shops/business website holders to attract more people and make to buy their products with excellent offers, quality products. Let we see some of the features of Websites in Current Trend:

1) Minimal and Comfort

Minimalism trend continues with even more blank spaces. Especially white spaces for a clean, multipurpose versatile design. Comfort is achieved through slow, but detailed animations. Short Focused bold content on the screen. This makes sure the visitor gets your message at first sight. We know already “First Impression lasts longer”.

2) Futuristic Designs

Designers are Outpacing Movies in futuristic design. Scrolling through the top designs, daily we come across works showcasing great technology or data visualization. Data points have grown up to 20X since last 2 years making it hard to analyse.

3) Custom Illustrations and Videos

An image conveys a message worth a thousand words. Along with it they save space and arose user interest. Visuals are processed 60,000x faster than text. People remember 10 percent of what they hear, 20 percent of what they read, 80 percent what they see & do!

According to study dwell time on site increase by 100 percent on pages with at least one image or videos on them. More impressively, shoppers are 85 percent more likely to purchase a product after watching the image or videos.

4) Shadows for Extra Depth

Shadows create depth illusion, this makes them favorite in the design community. With it, you can convert your flat design into semi-flat. You can use shadows and colors with slight variation for the following.

  • To make CTA’s appear raised as they are ready to be clicked.

  • To establish a visual hierarchy between elements.

5) Responsive Web & Logos

Web Developers are now comfortable with Responsive Web Design. Now you can see this comfort in logo design too. Google moves to Mobile first search. Responsive website and logos are must for Brands to retain their presence in front of target audience irrespective of their device.

6) Minimal Studio Shots

Images with a plain background (unwanted space) that focus on a particular detail. They are best at drawing user’s attention on a specific item. You can see only one thing at a time. No exceptions are allowed. This trick is used in e-commerce industry heavily. Now web designers are adopting it to increase CTA.

7) Micro-interactions

Micro interactions are everywhere they are different from animations. It’s hard to explain the difference. Micro interactions are contained product moments that revolve around a single use case. It can also be used to create highly dynamic user interfaces. The user doesn’t need to visit and scroll through pages.

8) Bright Gradients & vibrant Colors

Gradients are back, after a long time are back on the web. Gradient 2.0 with distinguishable colors are becoming popular. You can see them in use everywhere from spotify  to iphone X.

9) Monocolor and Hybrid Icons

Mono-color icons are easy to read. More than one colors can be used for icons with outline leaving white spaces inside. These icons are not heavy.

10) Tell Stories to Retain Users

Telling stories is the best way to connect with and retain users. Content Delivery as a Story can be up to 22 times more memorable than just facts alone. Big brands do this very well. You can use illustrations or interfaces to tell your story to your audience.

11) Make your Content Print Ready

No matter how digital we go, print is something that you can not ignore. Reading mode in browsers use your print CSS to show the content. Better add it to your usability tests list.

12) Create More Space with Split Page Design

Double in half price: Dividing a page into two parts allows you to group content into semantic areas. For example separating text from images, etc. This way you can show more content on the same page without disturbing UX.


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