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app track - php main role in back-end web development

App Track - PHP Main Role in Back-End Web Development

PHP build back-end software's of a website, the mechanics we don’t see but that make a site’s usability and functionality possible. These language creates the communication between the user, server, and database. Anything that isn’t explicitly written in to the text markup of a site is front-end or back-end and software.

Any data that a user requests in the browser. For example., the fields in drop down menus, photos or user profiles, is delivered via server side scripts, which create a channel between server and end user that requests, edits and deletes things in the database. In the browser front-end scripts make that information available to the user. Some of the features of PHP listed below.

Server-Side script basics: Runs on a server that is embedded in the site’s code. Designed to interact with back-end permanent storage, like database and process information from the server to access the database like a direct line from user to database.

Facilitates the transfer of data: From server to browser, bringing pages to life in the browser. Example., Processing and delivering a field that a user requests or submits in a form.

Runs on call: When a web page is called up, or when post of pages are “posted back” to the server with AJAX, server side scripts process and return data.

Power functions in dynamic web application: Such as user validation, saving and retrieving data and navigating between other pages.

More than 50% of the web is built using PHP. PHP is used by individuals, startups and Enterprise-scale companies like Facebook to build websites. Get the skills to work with client and server-side technologies as a PHP Developer. This path requires basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Git, to Become a Web Developer Learning Path.

Build - Dynamic websites that can retrieve and return information from the client side to the server side using PHP and MySQL.

Test - Organize your code with unit tests and using object-oriented programming principles and MVC frameworks.

Secure - Unthreatened your applications.


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