Happy journey Tourism Management system
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Happy journey Tourism Management system

Project period

03/17/2019 - 03/25/2019




Happy journey Tourism Management system
Happy journey Tourism Management system

Our Project entitled, "HAPPY JOURNEY TOURISM MANAGEMENT SYSTEM" has been developed for booking Travels online. This Project is an attempt to provide the advantages of visiting the Tourist Places in India by online booking of customers on a Real-Time. This Project has been developed  Using Front End ASP.NET-C# Back End SQL Server.

Why: Problem statement

The website can be used and understood very easily by customers, They will understand the Tourist Places in India in Real-time. 

How: Solution description

The website contains detailed description of the Tourist places and images. This will be very useful for the customers to understand.

How is it different from competition

We divided the Country (India) into 7 regions namely, Nothern side, Eastern side, western side, southern side, north-eastern, north-central and north- western.  Also, we included images of the tourist places with detailed descriptions.

Who are your customers

1. Own country peoples.

2. Foreigners.

Project Phases and Schedule

Phase 1: Front end design with ASP.NET  c#

Phase 2: CSS

Phase 3: Backend design with SQL server

Phase 4: Connectivity code with SQL command.

Resources Required

Software required:

  1. Dot Net framework.


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