E-Finance Management System
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E-Finance Management System

Project period

05/02/2016 - 06/02/2016




E-Finance Management System
E-Finance Management System

Automated online marketing and finance management system play an important role to deal with the budget and expenditure to buy a product you wish to own for private or commercial purpose. If you want to buy an expensive product, you need to have a greater budget line. Therefore, a secured loan can benefit you according to the best financial deals in the market. Automated online marketing and financial management system is a process taken with a document from the client. This project fulfills all the requirements of “finance management accounting system” like register a client detail, issuing of loan, storage information and the data of the particular client. The status of the verification process can be monitored anywhere through internet by clients. Process of document transactions to ensure that customer orders are met on time. The field of document transaction processing has become a vital part of effective business management systems. It deals with web server-based information and maintenance of the webserver. Web service can identify the consumer. The security and privacy policies related to the consumer and the service provider are open to the web services. Today in the fast-moving world of E-commerce, companies realize to stay completive in making their products available over the internet. These services also need to talk to the partner application to make the business to business model communication work. Services may also be provided to the customer to get the interactivity in the website and get the customer closer to the organization. The financial system is emerging as the most promising solution to this need.

Why: Problem statement

The existing system at present in every management system is manual. They are maintaining all the information like product details, loan details, project details, up-gradation and service details, etc., in paper form (master and transaction files). At present all the validations and checking are done manually. All the information are maintained in the registers. The manual processing, which consumes a lot of time while making the report of data a tedious process.

Problems associated with the existing system :

  • Possibility of data getting lost.
  • Unnecessary pilling of records services and difficulty in storage.
  • Laborious to retrieve the data from the stacks.
  • The process of generating reports becomes difficult.

How: Solution description

The huge amount of data to be operated and the complexity of the interrelationships between the fields of the various files have necessitated for the new system. Since table handling using MySQL would increase the ease in handling data, quicker and timely retrival of data is possible with flexibility and portability. Keeping in view all these points and problems of the existing system, the new system has been developed using PHP, JavaScript and MySQL.


How is it different from competition

  • Increases system Reliability.
  • Centralized access control.
  • Random access memory.
  • Easy report generation.
  • Better Visualization and easy Interpolation.

Who are your customers

Our customers include all financial institutions like private banks, chit companies and who are in huge demand to own cars, bikes in easy monthly installments.

Project Phases and Schedule

Phase 1: Data collection
Phase 2: Designing
Phase 3: Testing
Phase 4: Documentation process

Resources Required

Language                            -     HTML5, CSS3, Jquery, Javascript
Backend  Languages          -     Mysql, PHP,
Software                              -     Sublime or Atom, XAMPP


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