E - Finance System For Automobiles
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E - Finance System For Automobiles

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08/01/2019 - 09/30/2019




E - Finance System For Automobiles
E - Finance System For Automobiles

Online finance is the most visible business for the people on the World Wide Web. The primary goal of an e-finance/e-loan web application is to sell vehicles and to do services through online.  This project deals with developing an e-finance/e-loan web application for the vehicle sale. It provides information for the user with vehicle pictures of different showrooms. in order to facilitate online shopping for web applications is used. The user can choose the vehicle and the EMI of the month which they desire to the vehicle can be done in the vehicle module. The process of document transactions to the customers can be handled in secure ways.  The security and policies related to the customers and the services provide are open to the webserver. The web services may also be provided to the customer to get the interactive web application and get the customer closer to the organization.

Why: Problem statement

In the existing finance system, the information is stored manually as a record in paper format and it needs more space. This existing format will require more space. In an existing finance system, users cannot keep all the safety from the unauthorized person and they cannot get the data if it is lost. To search a record it requires more time.

Problems with the existing system:

1. possible of data getting lost.

2. Unnecessary billing of records and difficulty in storage.

3. Laborious to retrieve the data from the stacks.

4. The process of generating reports becomes difficult

How: Solution description

To overcome all those problems the e-finance/e-loan project is used, through this user can store millions of data in the system and keep it safe from an unknown person to access it. Users can search for any data easily. Back up of data can be done easily.

How is it different from competition

I am using an automatic EMI calculation in systematically for every vehicle.               

Who are your customers

People who are all using online vehicles like cars, bikes, etc, can use this project.

Project Phases and Schedule

HOME PAGE - Home page is a design page; Navigation can be done in all the modules.

NEW USER - Newly entered the user in a login page or in the registration page in called a new user.

EXISTING USER - Already registered a user or member in a showroom is called the existing user.

SHOWROOM - User can select any one company for a car or a bike. This particular company details about in a variety of cars and bike, price, quality, millage, discount and details of EMI information will be displayed.

INTERESTED USER - User those who want to buy a car or bike.

NOT - INTERESTED USER - User those who are not interested to buy a vehicle then click the not-interest to exit the page.

FORM - User those who are interested to buy a car or bike to fill up the required form.

REGISTRATION PAGE - User and Admin entered the registration page to register the details.

PROOF DETAILS - Users have submitted the proof of voter ID card, author card, ration card, and some documents, etc.

BANK DETAILS - User filled the personal bank details like bank name, account number, branch, etc.

Resources Required

Software - Sublime Text 3

Xampp version 3.2.2


Project Code Code copy
/* Your file Name : finance.php */
/* Your coding Language : php */
/* Your code snippet start here */
<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN">
<title>Loan Calculator -example</title>
<form method="post" action="loan.php">
<h2>Calculate your instalment</h2>
<td>Loan capital</td><td><input type="text" name="capital" maxlength="7" size="7"></td>
<td>Time in years</td>
<select name="year">
<select name="interest">
<select name="instalment">
<br />
<input type="submit" value="Calculate">
<a href="index.htm">Back to examples</a>

<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN"> 
<title>Loan Calculator -example</title> 
Author: Jouni Juntunen  
Date: 8/2009  
Description: Read capital, interest, time and instalment from HTML-form and calculates annuity or fixed instalment 
         amortization schedule payment. 
//Read values passed from HTML-form. 

//Print passed values to page. 
print "Capital $capital<br>"; 
print "Interest $interest<br>"; 
print "Instalment $instalment<br>"; 
print "Years $year<br>"; 

//Calculate time in months. 
$months=$year * 12; 

//Check out which is the instalment. 
if (strcmp($instalment,"Fixed")==0) 
//Fixed amortization schedule 
//Calculate fixed payment for month. 
    $fixedPayment=$capital / $months; 
    $interestRateForMonth=$interest / 12; 

//Calculate interest for every month. 
    for ($i=0;$i<$months;$i++) 
//Interest for the month. 
        $interestForMonth=$capital / 100 * $interestRateForMonth; 
//Diminish capital after calculating interest. 
        $capital=$capital - $fixedPayment; 
//Payment for month is fixed pay + interest. 
        $paymentForMonth=$fixedPayment + $interestForMonth; 
//Print out payment for this month. Output is formatted (payment has two digits) 
        printf("$month payment is %.2f<br>", $paymentForMonth); 
//Calculate montly pay. 
    $interest=$interest / 100; 
    $result=$interest / 12 * pow(1 + $interest / 12,$months) / (pow(1 + $interest / 12,$months) - 1) * $capital;     
    printf("Monthly pay is %.2f", $result); 
<br><a href="loan.htm">Calculate again</a><br> 
<a href="index.htm">Back to examples</a> 


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