Automated Stress Breaker
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Automated Stress Breaker

Project period

11/13/2018 - 12/12/2018




Automated Stress Breaker
Automated Stress Breaker

This program was mainly programmed to relax the mind and eyes of the people who work on the computer without any rest in a closed environment. It consists of the main body which will be rooted in other programs and each program consist of a simple mind refreshing games, best mind relaxing musical videos and instructions to relax your eyes. It will allow the user to spend only a desired amount of time. After that, it will be reloaded to the main page such that the user doesn't lose control of the work that he was doing initially.

Why: Problem statement

People working in IT sectors face multiple problems like stress, soreness, and boredom while working in front of a system repeatedly for years. 

How: Solution description

To give a short break in between their working hours and filling that break with some simple mind refreshing techniques like

  • Best Mind-refreshing Games       
  • Instructions to relax our eyes           
  • Best Mind relaxing Music            

How is it different from competition

  • It consists of numerous activities which will be executed randomly. The user doesn't know when which activity will be executed i.e. NO REPETITION.
  • The program will not allow the user to spend on the activity more than the desired time if the time exceeds it will be reloaded to the main page.

Who are your customers

  • IT people who have to work continuously without any break in a closed environment can get their mind relaxed.

Project Phases and Schedule

  • Collection of instruction to relax our eyes
  • Collection of best mind relaxing musical videos
  • Setting the timer(works for every 20 mins)
  • Execution.

Resources Required

  • Anaconda tool - Jupyter Notebook - Python 3.7
  • You tube


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